Who are we?

Benoli was founded in 1974 and the company headquarters is in Tortosendo, in the Centre of Portugal, about 250 kilometres of each main city of the country: Lisbon and Porto.

Our facilities are technologically‐advanced in the various areas of activity from cutting, production and finishing with the main purpose of providing satisfaction and quality goods to our customers.


Benoli was born and raised thanks to the talent and dedication of its founder (Benvinda Oliveira) that, since very young, dedicated herself to fashion design having several recognized works in the world of fashion.

Therefore, our company is a family business with recognized economical and social merits which, have been providing satisfaction and quality to an ever-increasing number of customers.

Mission, Vision and Values

The client is the center of our decisions. Benoli’s mission settles on the quest of quality and excellence of its products with the main objective of getting more and more satisfaction from our customers.

Benoli´s maintains a sustainable strategy of growth for a viable and successful future, searching for a perfect combination of human and material resources, and financial and social wellbeing.

Benoli values the respect for workers’ rights and demands, the respect and preservation for environment and social development, and as well, the respect for total satisfaction of its customers and of its other economic and social partners.

Social Responsibility

We have overcome all social and financial audits required by all our customers, European and American, with the highest score.

These audits have as main objective to verify if Benoli fulfils all the legal, labour and environmental requirements.

In this type of audit, also aspects related to the safety of the workers, the facilities and the customers’ orders, are checked in detail.

In all these audits, Benoli has obtained approval with a success rate of more than 90%, which is a good indication of the guarantees our company offers its customers.