Benoli exists since May 1974 and, in April 2017, we changed our location to our present and ultra-modern facilities with 4000 m2, located in the industrial complex of Tortosendo (Covilhã), right in the heart of Serra da Estrela.

A very large investment was made in a very modern and composed structure, with all the necessary modern machinery to carry out the best planning, modelling, cutting, production, ironing, and finally, shipment.

Our main objective is the optimization of all our resources and the profitability of all the manufacturing process, always respecting the environment.

In parallel, we have special concern with our workers motivation so, the work conditions and safety have been significantly improved to guarantee the well-being of workers.

Creative area

Benoli has a large experience and long tradition, over 44 years, in developing samples and collections using our modelers or the modelers of our customers.

Benoli counts on a team of highly qualified professionals such as designers, modelers and collection planners which daily seek for the better materials and models, in order to offer excellent fashion options to our customers.


Manufacture has cutting-edge technologies such as pocket sewing machine, sleeves, lapel among others, which allows us to respect all the technique details of the products.

Therefore, we can give a quick and efficient response to the most varied requests of our customers always by presenting them with the best quality.

The excellent arrangements in the planning of production allows us to meet the delivery dates agreed with our customers building loyalty and win a growing number of national and international new customers.

Quality control

The quality control is a main concern of Benoli’s founders since its future depends of the maximum quality offered to our customers.

The control of quality is present every day throughout all departments, so we can assure our customers that they will receive the products that they have ordered, with all the desired specifications on the requested delivery date.

Meet the requirements of our customers within the agreed dates, is our objective, is our quality policy.